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Commercial Pressure Washing, Soft Washing & Power Washing

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Commercial Pressure and Power Washing Services - Orlando

Retail to Industrial

Commercial Pressure Washing in Orlando and Orange County

Are you a local business in the Orange County, Seminole County, or Lake County area?

We offer quality pressure and power washing services for all types of commercial premises in the region. Whether you need your office building or retail shop cleaned, we’ll get the job done.

We provide all our customers with quality exterior building cleaning and commercial power washing for any type of retail space and other commercial premises. including open space areas.

The exterior appearance of your business is paramount to how your customers perceive your level of service.  Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in using the right products and right methods to safely clean your areas and leaving you an attractive location for potential clients.


Commercial Pressure Washing Services for Maitland, Casselberry, Fern Park, and all Seminole County.

We’ll help you take control of your workplace or office’s outside appearance.  Our professional team of pressure washing experts is here to do the heavy-lifting and dirty work.  We have experience in most commercial area including:

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Light-Industrial
  • Heavy-Industrial
  • Retail Locations
  • Office Parks and surrounding areas.

We use all “green” products to the extent possible and where appropriate.  Additionally, we will assess the areas and surfaces to be cleaned to ensure the right cleaning methods are used.  Often, building facades and materials require a low pressure or soft wash technique, also perfected by our team.  Our staff will use the most-efficient and safe manner to tackle commercial projects.

Pressure and Power Washing in Preparation for Renovation

If you are considering painting or restoring your office building, facility, or outdoor business spaces, pressure cleaning is often the overlooked but much-need preparation before starting.  We have undertaken many projects to prepare for upgrades such as painting or stucco repair.  The sub-tropical environment in Florida often creates films of algae, dirt, and other unwanted coatings on exterior building surfaces.  Pressure, power, and soft wash cleaning prior to any renovations prepare these surfaces and will save both time and money on costly “do-overs.”

Think Outside the Office

The immediate exterior of your office or building spaces are not the only areas that require routine maintenance.  Paved parking areas, walkways, and dumpster areas often become soiled through prolonged use and inattention. Dumpster pads adjoining light-industrial facilities, restaurants, and retail establishments become soiled, oily and can often be detected by the nose long before a customer gets close.

We encourage you to be mindful of oil stains and soiled walkways and in particular – dumpster areas that require cleaning.  Pressure washing these areas will contribute to a more inviting environment and will also keep away the critters.

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Get in touch with our expert team today at (813) 828-1209 for additional information, book an appointment or to schedule a free estimate for services. We use the best commercial grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our highly trained staff prides itself on outstanding customers service.  Xterior Softwash Orlando is licensed and insured.

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