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Exterior Area Cleaning - Pressure Cleaning and Power Wash

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Exterior Area Cleaning - Pressure Cleaning and Washing - Orlando

From parking lots to patios
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Exterior Pressure Washing from Sanford to Maitland


The exterior areas of your home or business will also require attention from time to time.  The weather elements of Florida, foot and vehicle traffic can, in time, cause these areas to become heavily soiled.

Xterior Softwash Orlando has years of experience in treating and effectively cleaning these outside areas. As we do when evaluating all jobs, we will assess the area (and materials) and determine which cleaning method is best suited to achieve the desired results.

Parking lot areas often suffer stains from fluids leaking from automobiles, including oil, as well materials tracked into the area from nearby roadways.  This is particularly noticeable if your parking area is nearby a road construction project.

Pressure and power washing concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Exterior surface area cleaning differs in techniques from one we might use to spruce up your home or office building.  high-power pressure cleaning is often the simple solution to removing dirt, grime, and algae buildup from bare concrete walkways, sidewalks, and curbing.  These types of coatings tend to have less ability to adhere to bare concrete and can be easily removed through a high-pressure application of plain water.  This technique is only employed if there is no concern for surrounding landscaping or other materials that could be damaged.

In some cases (including oil and vehicle fluids) we may choose to soft wash these areas after the application of an appropriate eco-friendly solution.  These cleaning solutions are used to break down the fluids, separate their binding from the surface materials, and allow a low-pressure or soft wash wand to remove them completely.

We are conscientious of water run-off and will ensure that the cleaning is properly planned so that no solutions, oils or fluids will drain into delicate landscaping or walkway areas.

Other outdoor and exterior areas

Much like parking lot areas and walkways, other exterior areas of your home can over time, become unsightly.  In Florida, pool patios surfaces are subjected to water, dirt, drink stains, and run-off from pool screen enclosures. Again, we can quickly assess the proper cleaning method for these areas (based on situation and condition) and determine the best and safest cleaning methods.  Remember that dust and dirt are caught in your screen enclosure every day.  You have probably noticed that after a good Central Florida thunderstorm that your pool patio has suddenly become dingy.  Mother nature has moved all the dirt collected by your screens onto your pool deck.  We have the solution for that and will return your pool patios surfaces to perfectly clean shape.

When its time to sell

The most important thing you can do when trying to sell your home is to present a beautiful appearance from the curb to the living room.  We’ll get your home and exterior areas looking ship-shape when its time to move up, move out or move on.  If you’re a local Realtor needing cleaning on a property listing, call us today.  Xterior Softwash will gladly work with our local partners at reduced Realtor rates to get that property “market ready.”


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