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Soft Wash Services in Orlando and Orange County


High-pressure washing is often NOT the solution for residential cleaning.  This includes the residence proper, pool and patio areas, walkways, and landscape accents.  We are proud to specialize in residential soft wash services to effectively clean these areas. Soft Wash cleaning involves the application of our eco-friendly solutions to exterior surfaces and roofs – along with patio areas, to loosen dirt, grime, and algae.  Following the application of cleaning solutions, Xterior Softwash technicians will use specifically designed low-pressure cleaning equipment to soak and brush away the unwanted and unsightly materials.  This method cleans these surfaces with no danger to the building materials of your home or roof, nor endangers your landscape or pets.

Soft Wash Services for Wintergarden, Winter Park, Apopka, and all Seminole and Lake County.

Before contracting with any “pressure washing” provider, ask them if they are experienced and have the right equipment to conduct soft wash cleaning.  Most often the answer is no.  Companies who perform this specialized cleaning have invested time and money into the right cleaning instruments, cleaning solutions, and training to perform this type of work.  All too often, we respond to requested to have properties cleaned only to find that the last “pressure washing” expert has done damage to the home or roof.  We encourage you to thoroughly investigate any cleaning company you are considering.  Ask them about their services, training, and equipment.  Most importantly, check out the reviews from previous customers.

Softwash Simply Explained

Soft Wash cleaning had evolved greatly over the past twenty years. Exterior cleaning providers first began using a combination of bleach and water to treat algae and grime on the surfaces of building or houses they intended to power wash.  Breakthroughs in chemical solutions that are far less harsh on surfaces have revolutionized the power washing business.  The most modern (and safest) techniques involve the pre-application of “green” cleaning formula’s to begin to loosen the dirt and soot from surfaces.  Soft Wash equipment is geared with special low-pressure nozzles, often accompanied by brushes to remove any films that have adhered to wall surfaces and roofing shingles.  Our solutions also may contain “inhibitors” that serve protect the surface and prevent a recurrence of algae or mold.

Speaking of Your Roof

The majority of homes in the Central Florida area are constructed in one of two fashions.  Shingle roofs are by far the most common. Did you know that many shingle manufacturers may declare your roof warranty “void” if it’s been discovered that you employed a high-pressure cleaning method to it?  Your shingle roof is comprised of three parts – fiberglass sheets, petroleum adhesive product, and ceramic or stone aggregate.  Underneath these materials is a tarpaper commonly known as “felt.”  Driving water by means of a high-pressure nozzle into roofing shingles is often worse than wind-driven rain a residence might experience during a hurricane.  Your shingles are strategically overlapped to allow normal rain to cascade over each subsequent shingle until reaching the gutter or the drip edge of your soffit.  High-pressure cleaning defeats this built-in safety feature as it unnaturally forces water into the shingle joints.  The same holds true for Spanish and other tile style roofs in our area.  Soft Wash cleaning prevents any damage to roofing materials buy first applying safe cleaning solutions followed by washing the areas with low-pressure methods that mimics rainfall and allows tour roof surfaces to function as designed.

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