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Rust Removal and Power Washing Services - Orlando

Quick and Efficient Surface Restoration

Rust Removal and Power Washing in Orlando, Florida

While it is unlikely that any surfaces around your residence or business are as bad as our image to the left, the Florida environment coupled with many other factors can leave you in need of rust removal to fully restore your exterior areas.  Damage to these exterior areas can be caused by oxidation from leaking air conditioners, hard water sprinkler systems, rainwater cascading over surfaces, and even fertilizers use around the house.  Fortunately, the majority of these surfaces can be restored quickly and safely my members of our team.  We have experience safely removing rust from a number of surfaces including steel, ceramic, brass, copper, and even painted areas.

Ruste Removal Services in Orange, Seminole, and Lake Counties.

We use a number of eco and surface friendly solutions to safely clean and remove rust from exterior surfaces of both residences and business properties. These solutions combined with specific cleaning techniques.  Before starting, we’ll ensure that all other debris including dirt and grass are removed from the area to allow us space to work and a good surface for cleaning solutions to adhere too.  Depending on the case, we may conduct a simple power wash of the surface to ensure a cleaner working area.

Following a thorough cleaning, we will apply the surface-appropriate cleaning solution and then scrub these areas with soft brushes or through the application of a low-pressure water stream. Areas that are difficult to reach or present a problem for water run-off are be scrubbed by hand. Like out commercial pressure washing services, our rust removal services are available for the following:

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Light-Industrial
  • Heavy-Industrial
  • Retail Locations
  • Office Parks and surrounding areas.

Rust Removal 101: Safety First

Please note that some metal and exterior surfaces may require an acid-based solution to ensure a proper cleaning of built-up rust.  Xterior Softwash team members are knowledgeable as to which surfaces are appropriate for this type of treatment and will assess if this application can be safely employed.

In cases that require a more aggressive treatment with harsher solutions, you should know that our team members take workplace safety very seriously.  They are equipped with the proper protective gear such as goggles, smocks, and gloves to ensure worker safety.  Remember, Xterior Softwash is fully licensed and insured. We also care very much about your property.  If the method is safe – we’ll do it.  If not, we will suggest another method or solution to the problem.

A Note About ALL of our Cleaning Methods


If you are considering painting or restoring your office building, facility, or outdoor business spaces, pressure cleaning is often the overlooked but much-need preparation before starting.  We have undertaken many projects to prepare for upgrades such as painting or stucco repair.  The sub-tropical environment in Florida often creates films of algae, dirt, and other unwanted coatings on exterior building surfaces.  Pressure, power, and soft wash cleaning – along with rust removal – prior to any renovations prepare these surfaces and will save both time and money on costly “do-overs.”


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Get in touch with our expert team today at (813) 828-1209 for additional information, book an appointment or to schedule a free estimate for services. We use the best commercial grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our highly trained staff prides itself on outstanding customers service.  Xterior Softwash Orlando is licensed and insured.